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A keychain is where you store Access Keys that somebody else has given you. These keys are what allows you to access information in somebody else's account, and are automatically added when you accept an Access Invitation from another account.

There is no reason to add an Access Key to your keychain if you are only trying to allow other people access to information in your account.

The person who gave you the Access Key may revoke your access at any time. Keys are not automatically removed from your keychain, even if they are invalid.

You may assign a friendly name to each Access Key you store in your keychain, but this is only to make it easier for you to tell your keys apart. The key value is given to you by somebody else. Only the key value is important for you to have access to their account.

Adding a Key

There are 2 different ways to add a key to your account's keychain:

  1. If you received an access invitation: Click the link to accept the invitation and choose to make it available to all users. Accepting an invitation automatically adds the key to your keychain.
  2. If you already know the key: copy and paste the key (or a link containing the key) directly into the “Add Key to Keychain” form which is accessed under the “My Keychain” link in the User Menu. The key will be extracted and added to your keychain.

Using a Key

If you are assigned a ticket, and you hold a valid access key for the ticket owner's account in your keychain, then a “Look Inside Account” button will appear on the ticket. This allows you to use the key to view additional information inside the ticket owner's account about the tracker.

Otherwise, to use a key, view your keychain and click the “Use Now” button next to the key you want to use.

When using a key, the screen will change and you will see the information that the other user is sharing with you. The website header changes color to indicate that you are viewing shared information from somebody else's account.

The “Look Inside Account” and “Use Now” buttons only appear if the key is still valid.

When you are done viewing the shared information, you can return to your normal account by clicking “Break Out” under the User Menu at the top right of the screen.