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My Transfer Ticket

You are looking at an transfer ticket that is assigned to you.

An incoming transfer-ticket is a request to transfer a Tracker from someone else's account to your account. You must approve the request before the transfer occurs.

Actions Required

  • Approve or Reject: As the assignee, you should either approve or reject this transfer. The requestor will be notified of your decision. If you approve the transfer, then the tracker will be transferred to your account.

Look Inside Account

The ticket owner likely gave you permission to access information about the tracker, including its location history and current status, or to perform live locates or other verification, before making your decision to approve or reject the transfer. If so, then you can access this functionality by clicking the “Look Inside Account” button.

After you are finished looking inside the account, you can return to your own account with the “Break-Out” menu item that will appear under your username.