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My Tickets

This is a list of tickets which are currently assigned to you. Each ticket specifies a vehicle that requires your action. Click on a ticket to see more detail about the vehicle.

Tickets provide a way for the lender or lien holder to monitor the status of the requested action, and for you to inquire and communicate with the lender about the vehicle. As such, when a ticket is assigned to you, you should “Accept” the ticket in order to indicate that you are ready, willing, and able to perform the task. When you are no longer working on it (either because you have completed the task or determined that you are unable to complete the task), then you should “Resolve” the ticket in order to let the lender know that as well.

Alert Subscriptions

If you are subscribed under “My Profile”, you will receive an email or text whenever a new ticket is assigned to you, or when a ticket assigned to you is changed.