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My Repo-Ticket

You are looking at a repo ticket that was assigned to you.

An incoming repo-ticket is a request for you to repossess a specified vehicle whose loan is in default.

Actions Required

  • Accept or Reject: You should first either accept or reject this assignment, so that the requestor will know if you are able to work on this task. Once you accept the assignment the ticket status will change to “In Progress.”
  • Resolve: Once you have completed the task – or once you have determined that you cannot complete it – then you should resolve the ticket so that the requestor will know that you are done working on it. The ticket status will change to “Resolved.”

Surveillance Mode

While you are working on this task, you can surveil the ticket in order to be notified of the vehicle's movements via email or text. When the ticket is under surveillance, then Ignition On and Ignition Off events for the vehicle will be forwarded to your specified email address and/or text number. Note that you will only receive these alerts if one or more of your contacts are subscribed to these alerts. You can turn off surveillance at any time.

If you have permission to do so, you can subscribe or unsubscribe your contact addresses to surveillance alerts using the “My Profile” menu item under your username.